Citibank Prestige Metal Card Unboxing and Review


I received a package from Citibank today, they've made some changes to their CD prestige product, some good some bad. One of the changes I did not know about was the cards now metal. Here's the packaging.

When you open to the first page you'll see a message that says "Worth its weight and its weight meet your new metal prestige card." I've already opened this and I mocked out my personal information, on the top is the new card and here on the bottom is my original card.

One of the noticeable differences is the first card on the bottom has more of a glossy finish on it. As you can see it's reflecting a little bit more light than on the new card, this has a more matte flat finish to it. If you look on the back you'll notice that they've also removed the Admirals Club badge that's on the first original card, you'll notice there's just an empty space here. Some of my tapes is blocking in but there's nothing there, they've also moved the contact information to be above the stripe on the card.

The other thing is you'll notice that there's not really much of a difference in the weight of the card or its thickness. If they didn't tell me that this is a metal card I would've assumed that this is probably just a stiffer plastic version of the prestige card, and if bends both of them seem to have been pretty easy on this one.

Here the new card this in the Wrights the original card, but there's no visible difference in its thickness. Not sure if you can see this, but I'm trying to get it to get a good focus on it for you, they're both pretty thin. But a drop test here's the plastic version, it's pretty light, and when you drop the new version there's definitely a noticeable sound compared to the other one here.

But if I take this card here the new one and I compare it to let's say the Chase Sapphire reserve, it's definitely not the same, it's kind of stiff in the middle, but around the edges, it feels more flexible, the prestige to me feels a little bit more little stiffer. I think maybe because visually I can see the metal there may be something there that makes me kind of reassures me that this is a metal card.

But it would have been nice if they would have made the metal similar to the American Express card, here this card is definitely thicker than the Chase Sapphire Reserve which was just like I chased up by a preferred card. We drop it, it's the 10 years, and of course the thickest card that I own is the chase, are the JPL Ritz-Carlton card, and just a slight drop and you can hear how heavy this card is.

But going back to the Citi Prestige card, I'll put the other delay it would have been a lot nicer. If they're going to join the metal card game they would have at least did something comparable to at least American Express, which step up from the Chase Sapphire Reserve, but it's cool to see more cards entering the metal game.

It's not really a big deal to me, it's more of a novelty, but to some people, it's quite a big deal owning a metal card. Sometimes it can be a pain, especially when trying to use them in kiosks like certain machines. When I'm trying to pay for my parking a lot of times that I have a hard time using my sapphire reserve, so I have to I would pull out my Citi prestige the original one or now I probably pay for my Citi double cash card.

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